200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Begins Online February 1, 2022 – 12 Weeks

Two Training Options for Spring 2022

1. Online + In-person Immersion: 12 Weeks Online (Feb 1-Apr 19, 2022) + 4-Day Immersion in Denver, CO (Mar 31-Apr 3, 2022)

3. Online Only: 12 Weeks Online ONLY (Feb 1-Apr 19, 2022) – per Yoga Alliance’s online COVID provisions if unable to travel

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About the Program

Our 200-hr. program is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga a distinctly faith-inspired and Christ-centered approach. Living Soul yogis are immersed in a holistic and embodied leadership development program that inspires yoga teachers to walk in the fullness of their unique design.

Our RYT-200 training is the most widely recognized instructor certification available. It is designed for:

  • New aspiring yoga teachers!
  • Current teachers seeking Yoga Alliance certification or Christ-centered curriculum (special auditing price available, please contact Kristin).
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Details At-A-Glance

Program Cost

$2,700: Online Only

$2,950: Online + Denver, CO Immersion


12 Weeks


Online Course: Feb 1 – Apr 19, 2022

Denver, CO Immersion: Mar 31-Apr 3, 2022

Live Class Times

Teacher Training: Tuesdays, 10:30 am-12:00 pm MST & Thursdays, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm MST. Check your time zone. All training calls are recorded. It is suggested that you attend at least one live call per week.

Certification Earned

RYT-200 from Yoga Alliance

Lead Instructor

Kristin Gibowicz E-RYT 500


Contact Kristin: kristin@livingsoulinstitute.com


Why Choose Living Soul?

Living Soul is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school and a Christ-centered, embodied leadership development program. We offer excellence in teaching education through a smaller group environment. Trainees with take a personal growth-journey to find their unique voice and teaching style through consistent mentorship with lead trainer Kristin Gibowicz throughout the program. Trainees graduate, not only with a yoga teacher certificate, but equipped to teach yoga with proficiency!

What’s our mission?

  1. Inspire yoga teachers to live an embodied faith, in the fullness of their unique design.
  2. Equip yoga teachers to serve wholeheartedly and lead with excellence.

Who is the training for?

  • New teachers
  • Already certified teachers seeking:
    • Yoga Alliance accredited certification​
    • Christ-centered approach to yoga
    • Contact us for special pricing.
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What are graduates of Living Soul saying about the training?


The Living Soul 200 hr. Yoga TT was better than I could have imagined! It was completely engaging . Kristin is a truly gifted teacher, and an encourager. This experience has equipped me to begin teaching with confidence. As a student, I was introduced to much more than philosophy and practical knowledge as various teachers taught about specialized areas. It was extremely helpful to have personal input from Kristin throughout the process. She has a hands & heart on approach, and really cares about everyone’s success. This training will be with me for life as a great foundation for practicing and teaching.


What I loved most about 200 training was the immersion training, getting to actually practice and learn from someone who is very qualified in her teaching, being able to make some great friends, and doing what I thought could not be done. I also loved how Kristin helped/trained us in our speciality areas to be able to go out and fulfill our dreams.

Mary, Ohio

I came into the Living Soul YTT with 7 years of part-time teaching experience and was looking to expand her teaching knowledge and skill, as well as develop a more integrated personal practice. “Learning from such a highly experienced teacher in both secular and faith-based settings was important to me, and the quality of the content; instruction exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciated the in-depth look at the historical timeline of the evolving yoga tradition and the influences along the way; the balanced; discerning study of the nuanced energetic body & chakra theory from a Christian worldview, and the twice-weekly live classes that included ample time for through instruction, discussion and a variety of experiential breathwork exercises and contemplative practices. The guest teachers were all excellent as well. The live weekly vinyasa flow was exceptional and a perfect way to integrate all that was learned along the way. What was most transformative in my own teaching and personal practice was the thorough embodied faith approach to the yoga. The course content provided enough instruction to offer yin, restorative, and trauma-informed classes; and offered an in-depth experience of determining our unique yoga teacher voice, vision, and calling, as well as practical business mentoring. Kristin is a gifted, creative; skilled yoga teacher, an excellent communicator, and has a great sense of humor! Classes were fun, engaging, relational, and always a highlight of my week. She was fully available throughout the program with quick responses to questions and ongoing support. She has created an exceptional program & experience that left me feeling fully equipped to teach with excellence and personally transformed my yoga practice and relationship with God. I am honored to give the Living Soul 200-hr YTT my highest recommendation!

Kali, BC Canada

I was delighted to have done my 200 hour yoga teaching training with The Living Soul Institute. What I enjoyed about it was the balance of real rigour – I really felt like I was being taught how to be a good teacher; but also the way that Kristin delivered it to us in bite-sized pieces so that we never felt overwhelmed.  We went through all the basics and built up from there.  Kristin was very inspirational in the way she led the sessions and also in the personal care she had for each of us. She was so encouraging and available for individual attention when we needed it.  She had also lined up an amazing set of external teachers who were able to build up our understanding of different aspects of yoga.  I would highly recommend this training for anyone who is thinking about getting further into yoga.

Jonathan, Belgium, Your Content Goes Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the scope of work each week?

What is the scope of learning in my 12-weeks of Yoga Teacher Training?

• ANATOMY – You are required to complete 20 hours of anatomy for you teacher training certificate. We recommend that you complete your anatomy prior to training if possible to give you a strong foundation before learning postures.

• READING – You will read one chapter per week from Embodied Posture by Stacy Dockins that coincides with our posture family & pose breakdown that week. Also, you will be expected to read one chapter of Deborah Adele’s Yamas & Niyamas book & the corresponding devotional in preparation for Thursday’s Unity Study.

• WATCHING – There is a corresponding Posture Breakdown video after you complete your Embodied Posture reading. Follow along the video, embody the postures, use the suggested props, and write down any questions about your own experience in the posture or about how to teach the shapes.

• PRACTICING – Join the Living Soul online community for LIVE weekly classes and meditations, including Kristin’s Monday 12pm MDT Soul Flow. These are always recorded and offered in our OnDemand Library. if you cannot be there live. In addition, you will have suggested pre-recorded yoga practices themed on what we are learning in the Unity Study and our 200 hr. curriculum. You will have access to an online library of practices to enjoy with the expectation that you practice 4-5 hours per week during the duration of your training. Of course practice hours in community classes count!

• MEDITATION – Each week, we will provide you with some options for Christ- centered, guided meditations. You will receive recordings anywhere from 15 min – 30 min. in length to enjoy at your own convenience. Hope Stockman & Tracy Cunningham also offer 30- min. SoulNourish LIVE Zoom meditation available to all trainees (Tues. 12:30pm MDT & Friday 3pm MDT).

• PRACTICE TEACHING – Practice memorizing designated section of Living Soul Sequence (you will choose between Basic Vinyasa, Gentle Flow & Gentle/Restore). Each week, you will be given a small part of the sequence to memorize, building proficiency each week towards your final test-out at the completion of training.

• CLASSROOM LEARNING – Every Tuesday from 10:30am-12:00pm via Zoom, you will experience the robust YTT curriculum from a Christian worldview. We will enjoy guest lecturers bringing their expertise in yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing, energy, anatomy, sequencing, weaving the word, trauma, Christian contemplation, teaching special populations, business/ministry development & more. (recorded, but you are expected to have watched the recording before Thursday’s Unity Study).

• COMMUNITY – The Unity Study is our LIVE, via Zoom, book & Bible study & small group discussion that brings community together & allows time for integration. We will meet live on Zoom on Thursday Evenings 5:00pm-7:00pm Mountain. First hour Unity Study discussion and second hour teacher mentorship with Kristin.

• INTEGRATION – You will be immersed in learning for 12 weeks. It’s important that you keep up with the flow of training each week so that you don’t get behind. Life happens, and our training is also designed for you to be able to catch up on the weeks that you are traveling or need the grace! At the end of each week, you are asked to take a Google Quiz to show your learning retention. These quizzes are open book and are a mix of multiple choice and reflection questions (paragraph form). There are always a few additional articles for further thought and quizzes can take up to 30-45 minutes to complete. There is no final written exam.

Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 Hours

  • Finding Your Teacher Voice
  • Practicing the Embodied Posture Approach – Your Unique Body & Yoga
  • Posture Breakdown: modifications, variations & contraindications
  • Yoga Practice: live online, video recordings, and in-person hours with lead trainer
  • Meditation Practice and the Art of Teaching Contemplation
  • Pranayama & Life Applications of the Nervous System
  • Mantras, Mudras & Spiritual Disciplines
  • Incorporating the Energy Body (Koshas and Chakras from a Christian worldview)
  • Ayurveda 101 and Somatic Practices
  • Yin & Restorative Yoga
  • Teaching for Trauma Resiliency
  • Yoga Krama & Sequencing for Student Success
  • Teaching Props for Modifications & Variations
  • Cueing for Longevity and Sustainability

Teaching Methodology: 25 Hours

  • Yoga and Injury Management
  • Chair Yoga for special populations
  • Theme/Word-weaving
  • Soul Care for the Yoga Teacher
  • The Art of Touch and Assists
  • Business and Ethics of Yoga
  • How to Grow a Yoga Ministry

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 Hours

  • Unity Study – The Unity Study is a unique feature of Living Soul’s 200-hour. We explore the ethical and philosophical principles of yoga through a Christian worldview. Together we read the Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele to help authenticate our walk as followers of Christ and develop our ethical servant-leadership skills as yoga teachers. The Unity Study is a comprehensive 40-page devotional with scripture, journaling prompts, and breath prayers to live an embodied life.
  • History of Modern Yoga
  • Yoga Sutras and the 8-limb Path
  • Ancient Texts: Hatha Yoga Pradipika & Bhagavad Gita,

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 Hours*

  • Self-paced anatomy course with Yoganatomy.com
  • Practicum: 10 Hours

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Weekly practice teaching including small group partnering in posture breakdowns, round robin teaching of Living Soul sequences with feedback.
  • Final Graduation Practicum – display your teaching proficiency of a Living Soul sequence applying what you’ve learned in course.

Non-contact Hours: 15

  • Evaluation or observation of yoga classes outside of the RYS Teacher Training
  • Additional articles, videos, yoga current events for digging deeper that support growth
  • Written reflections in weekly quizzes to demonstrate learning integration
  • Seva Yoga Project – 4 hours of practice teaching

  • HYBRID TRAINING: 12-weeks ONLINE starting February 1st PLUS attend an amazing in-person immersion training in either Knoxville, TN or Denver, CO (Choose One).
    • What’s Included in hybrid training?
      • Comprehensive Living Soul 200-hour Teacher Training Manual.
      • 12 Weeks of Online Training starting February 1st
      • 3-day immersion retreat with training workshops in Denver, CO
      • Denver Airbnb is reserved from March 31-April 3rd for only extra $100 per trainee for entire stay. Breakfast supplies included. Contact Kristin to reserve your bed, kristin@livingsoulinstitute.com
    • What’s not included?
      • Transportation to Denver
      • Lunch & dinner during in-person training (coffee, restaurants and grocery are walking distance to Airbnb)
  • ONLINE TRAINING: With the temporary provision from Yoga Alliance, trainees can complete their training fully online through 2021 for those unable to travel. Cost for online training only is $2700. 
    • What’s included?
      • 12-weeks of online training and practicum mentorship (see Scope of Training).
      • Comprehensive Living Soul 200-hour Teacher Training Manual.


Living Soul will ship you our very comprehensive and robust 200-hr.Training Manual a week prior to training.

You will need to purchase the following materials prior to the training start date (you are welcome to complete Yoganatomy in the months prior to training):